Collection: Everything you need for class!

Thank you for taking our Advanced Training Course Online! Here are the items you will need to be successful in the course.

  • Preferred ironed that Stylist in Class uses Salono 1 3/4 ( this is not mandatory)
  • Dura chi spring curling iron 1” ( or any other 1" curling iron of your choice)
  • T3 Body waver curling iron 1 3/4 ( This is iron silks and body curls all in one, one of the best curling irons on the market)
  • Baby bliss C curler ( body waves) & EAP Heat c-curler ( both irons are similar and both create beautiful body waves. 

  • Logics contouring paste ( very good edge paste)
  • Kenra hair spray platinum collection #14 ( light hair spray & flexing, highly recommended)
  • Sebastian shaper hair spray
  • KeraKare wax stick
  • Tony & Guy head rush ( very light shine spray, gives a soft shine, not heavy at all, highly recommended)
  • Nylon thread (thick strand)

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